I've always been a romantic and at heart but I'm also a total goofball. I love to joke around with my clients and help ease any nervousness they may be feeling. The best photos capture the way a moment felt so get ready to feel all the feels - whether that's laughter or maybe even some happy tears. Documentary style is my main approach but I offer direction and posing to keep up the flow. I'll also send a questionnaire before you get in front of the camera so it's like we already know each other!


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I take a unique approach with my couples and clients because I like to convey emotion through my work. It's just something that's always come naturally. Even when I was just starting out and my work was scrappy, people loved my photos because it captured something special. I'm just wired toward authenticity. In our time together, I direct and guide you rather than force you to take photos that don't feel like you. I'll give you space to feel all the feelings because emotions and connection are what make photos so special. I want to capture how certain moments felt, your unique connection with your partner, or even just things you love and hold dear in your heart. It all matters. You matter to me.


Hey, I'm Lauren! I'm an elopement photographer based in Orange County, California that primarily serves California. I recently became a mom in 2022 and have been really slowing down and savoring my time with my family. My husband and I enjoy rock climbing together, listening to the crashing waves on the shore (and attempting to surf *sometimes*), and making art together. We've known each other since we were babies and we're best friends + soul mates. Raising our son is our #1 priority and our greatest joy.

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Honestly, 5 stars doesn’t do Lauren justice. Upon booking I was sent a questionnaire and a whole presentation about what to wear, how to style, complementary colors, and she helped me figure out what to have my husband wear to ensure our photos were beautiful. When we met outside of cades cove she greeted me with the warmest smile and sweetest hug like we were lifelong friends. We got to our destination, y’all it was BEAUTIFUL. She was so helpful with giving us ideas of what to do but mostly let my husband and I interact with one another and she captured that so beautifully in our photos. We got our sneak peeks back within the next day or two and our entire gallery in two weeks. We have never had such an amazing experience (or pictures for that matter) with a photographer. Near or far, if you’re not choosing Lauren to do your photos, you’re shorting yourself!

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